DIY Camper Conversion and then down to Mexico

with us from the beginning … Let’s start the DIY camper conversion adventure by Frodo Beule the van. Yes …, we are another blog about camper conversion and we would like to keep you on this project and on board from Frodo Beule when we head to Mexico in September 2021.

But one after anonther …. True to the motto “Life is too short to be heard”, we spontaneously bought a van that we are now converting to our home on wheels.

At the moment we are already in the middle of the renovation – the floor has been laid, insulation is done and our first pieces of furniture are built. That means that the bed is also in it, the mattress fits. February will belong to the bathroom, our last big project. Hopefully end of March we will roll out of the yard for the first time and do a test drive. There will certainly be a few more things to do. We have of course made sure that we can give you a few tips and inspiration on the subject of camper conversion. And what happens after ?

In May there should be a “certain” test, where everything willtested in full swing.Due to COVID Corona it has not yet been decided where to, but that is not so important … … we have a plan … A big dream and adventure is waiting for us this year. In September we want to ship our Frodo Beule to Canada and then via the southern states to Mexico – if it works well, continuing down the Panamericana.

First, however, winter in the sun ☀

– but first there is still a lot of work to do …

Of course, a lot of organizational matters, but also rough route planning. We’ll be happy to share everything with you, too. If everyone should now take on their seat belts, the journey will begin. All the best Vicky, Alex and Frodo Beule